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Order VPN Router

Subscribe to Astrill VPN  using the link below before ordering the VPN router

- Only order the router after you are housed and have working internet service.

- If you are in serviced apartments contact us before proceeding.

- Sign up from a laptop, not a phone or tablet.

- All browsers will work but avoid switching browser once you start the process or it may fail.

- If you are using a VPN switch it off.

- Don't select the free trial as it will not work on routers.

- Subscribe to the basic Premium Plan. For most users it's all that's needed.

- To watch BBC, ITV, C4 etc. players you will need to add a UK Private IP to your subscription.

- Same may apply to other countries but best to try them without Private IP first.




Once signed up click the link below:

The VPN router  works worldwide and is an easy self-installation. It comes with full step-by-step instructions, is pre-loaded with your Astrill account and is up and running within 15 minutes of connection.